Born to Explore

You live to be outside. You crave the wide expanse of sky and exploring beautiful remote places that many fear. You were made for adventure. Camping is wonderful until it comes time to sleep. First you have to find a flat a tent spot. Then you have assemble the poles and tent. Then inflate the sleeping pad when you're already exhausted from hiking. And of course the sleep itself sucks. Instead of refreshed, you wake up tired and sore. Your hard-working body deserves better sleep! Your time should be spent exploring and resting, not dealing with heavy gear. Good news, there is a better way!

Introducing the Superior Hammock. The world's coziest, simplest, quickest, ultralight sleeping haven. Weighing barely over 2 pounds, this unique hammock with integrated down insulation will keep you warm and comfortable all night. Using only the most cutting-edge new fabrics available, the Superior is 10.25 feet long and rated for 400 pounds. Boasting a huge comfort range of 30F to 75F, the breathable fabrics and design will keep you at just the right temperature, whatever is happening outside.  This hammock has been designed, optimized and field-tested to be the finest hammock ever!